Project: CLEAN
Carloforte Energy Plan

MORE partners with the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat

MOREnergy Lab’s Research Center has been selected as the Italian regional partner of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat.
Islands across Europe are accelerating their transition to clean energy. The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat supports European islands in their planning with technical support, capacity-building activities and networking opportunities.

MORE’s activities on San Pietro Islands are several and it can be declined under multiple aspects. First, a clean energy transition path is currently under development involving the municipality and the main stakeholders active on the island’s territory with the aim to establish a Clean Energy Transition Agenda.

MORE is developing strategies and models to impact on the electrical mix of the island of San Pietro starting from the resource analysis, in terms of solar, wind and wave.
In the mid-terms, the CETA would increase the RES penetration aiming at 100% of renewable sources.

MOREnergy Lab is currently committed in the first steps of an experimental wave resource analysis through a waverider deployed in a relevant site.
At the same time, a spatial planning analysis is on act reporting the main

landscape and environmental protected areas, the characteristics of the costal orography aiming at the harmonization of the renewable energy plants with the natural beauties.


We are updating the information and some beautiful pictures! 🙂

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