Entrepreneurship Project

Wave for Energy

Wave for Energy is a spinoff company from Politecnico di Torino, founded in 2010.
The company has a team of engineers covering multiple areas of expertise needed for servicing the offshore industry.
Born for completing the technology transfer of the ISWEC system, today the company provides various services in the offshore renewable energy space.

Wave for Energy main services are:
– Design, Prototyping, Testing and Production of offshore renewable energy systems
– Analysis and design of innovative mooring systems
– Analysis and design of mechatronic devices
– Design and development of control systems
– Design of mechanical and naval systems
– Renewable energy systems analysis and integration



MESPAC is a service suite that delivers to the offshore wind and ocean energy industry highly accurate, continuous and spatially-refined wind, wave and other metocean information for project development, financing and operation.

Based on Earth Observation Satellites, the quality of the data provided is suitable for bankability, advanced design activities, monitoring and control of operations for new offshore energy projects.



SEAform Project. If we observe the Earth, we see life above all. A life that walked on water.