Students Teams

Polito Sailing Team

Polito Sailing Team is a group of students Politecnico of Turin involved in the activity of design, construction and sailing of “skiff” prototypes. More precisely, “sail keeping it fast and flat” refers to small boats defined by R3 class regulation that allows a maximum hull length of 4,60 m and huge sail surface (33 sqm). The main goal of the team is a practical training of the future engineer: to design means to compromise between an idea and what is actually buildable (atchievable). To this purpose, the theoretical background is not enough. In this view, the sport team improves from year to year optimizing manifacture processes, experimenting different sandwich combinations, modelling hull and sails geometry according to marine conditions expected during the regatta.

Polito H2Fly

The PoliTo H2Fly team is born with the main goal of participating in the Energy Class category at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge in July 2024, an event organized by the Monaco Yacht Club. This initiative provides participants with the opportunity to compete and engage on an international level, in a context where the progress achieved can make a significant contribution to advancing the industry towards more sustainable solutions.