Marine Energy Projects

A joint work of researchers for the industrial realization of technologies for the exploitation of marine energy resources.

The work to be performed in the lab is expected to fuel the expansion of research into sea energy sources, from wave power to offshore wind and solar power, as well as ocean and tidal currents, and salinity gradient.

Horizon 2020 - Marie Curie Actions

Collaboration for projects

mespac collaborationThe MESPAC (Marine Energy Space Control) consortium aims at developing a feasibility study of a service suite that can support offshore energy operator during multiple stages of the lifecycle of offshore marine energy installations.
Starting from the assessment of the resource for the selection of a site and the start-up of a project, up to the monitoring and control of the devices installed and providing a satellite-based communication to improve the reliability and scalability of the service.

Visit the page of MESPAC Project to find out more.

MOREnergy Lab togheter with W4E and Star group of Politecnico di Torino are pleased to be inside the consortium and collaborate on offshore marine energy research.

Future developments